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Raising Capital For Rhode Island Businesses Under The New Crowdfunding Rules

By Attorney Michael Richards – Raising capital can be a company’s biggest challenge. Historically, federal securities laws only allowed companies to sell shares of stock in a company if the offering was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or if the sale of stock fell within a specified exemption from registration. As registration with the SEC is rarely practical for early-stage companies, companies have relied on exemptions from registration – namely, restricting the offering to ‘accredited investors’, individuals with a net worth exceeding $1,000,000.00 or annual income exceeding $200,000.00. But beginning on Monday, May 16, 2016, new “Regulation Crowdfunding” goes into effect that allows businesses for the first time to raise capital by selling shares to non-accredited investors. For growing companies in need of capital, this is a revolutionary new way to raise critical funds needed to launch a new business or expand an existing business into new markets.

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Buying or selling real estate at an auction can be complicated

A small but growing percentage of real estate is being sold at auction. The advantage of an auction for a seller is that the property will definitely be sold quickly, although usually at a lower price. So auctions often attract sellers who simply want to unload a property, such as a lender that has foreclosed on it, or an executor whose heirs want cash and not real estate. Auctions often attract buyers who are looking for a deal – although auctioned properties are usually sold “as is” with no guarantees, so unless you’ve done careful homework and had everything inspected thoroughly, the property might not be as good a deal as you first thought. Auctions require special contracts and agreements that aren’t part of a traditional real estate transaction. Because auctions are unusual and require special contracts and agreements, a seller will definitely want to work with an attorney as

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